Restaurant Menu

You will love every bit of our - Traditional Cuisine!

Vegetarian Selection
1. SAMOSA (2Pcs) (Spiced Potatoes & Green Peas in a homemade pastry) $6.20
2. PAKORA (4Pcs) Freshly chopped spinach, onion, potatoes and cauliflower mixed with chick pea flour and deep fried $6.30
3. Panner Ka Tikka (4 Pcs) With a largely vegetarian population, it is improbable that there would be nothing for the vegetarians in Tandoori Cooking. This is an exotic kebab of Indian Cottage cheese. $14.50
4. Tandoori Mushroom (3 pieces) Premium mushrooms marinated in Tandoori herbs and cooked in Tandoor. $14.50
5. Masala Cashew Nut Roll (2 Roll) Chef’s special $ 6.30
Non Vegetarian Selection
1. Champ Taazdaar ( 4 pieces) Chef’s Tandoor speciality. Rack of kid lamb braised slowly in a perfectly balanced liquor with an infusion of clove black cardamon kasoori methi and basil cooked in Tandoor. $15.90
2. Raunaq-e-seekh The traditional seekh of kid mince lamb dons a colourful summer with singing flavour of coriander, cumin, chillies and cooked in Tandoor. $13.80
3. Chicken Tikka (6 Pieces) Melts in your mouth, boneless pieces of chicken given traditional marinade and cooked in Tandoor . $14.50
4. Tandoori Chicken The king of kebab curing it with a herbal marinade with delicate saffron tint, cooked in Tandoor (Full) $21.00 (Half)$14.50
5. Tandoori Platter A mix from the Tandoori Oven. $22.50
6. Fish Tikka Boneless fillets of rockling marinated in yogurt and spices cooked in Tandoor. $16.50
7. Tandoori Prawn King prawn marinated in traditional masala. $17.50
Main Courses Chicken (All curries can be served hot-med-mild)
1. Butter Chicken Choice of millions $19.50
2. Chicken Korma Boneless chicken fillet cooked with mild creamy sauce. $18.50
3. Kadhai Chicken Boneless pieces of chicken cooked in onion, tomato, chillies and fresh herbs. $18.50
4. Chicken Vindaloo Boneless pieces of chicken cooked in hot spices. $18.90
5. Chicken Curry Boneless pieces of chicken cooked in onion and tomato sauce $18.50
6. Chicken Spinach Boneless pieces of chicken cooked in an fresh spinach puree and herbs. $18.90
7. Chicken Tikka Masala Chicken tikka cooked with onion, capsicum and tomato in a thick gravy. $19.90
8. Chicken-Do-Piaza Fillet of chicken cooked in tomato and onion gravy served with braised diced onion. $18.90
9. Chicken Jalfrezi Chicken cooked with capsicum, tomato and onion and finished with red chillies and vinegar. $18.90
10. Kandhari Murgh Chicken cooked in almonds and tomato sauce with dried fruits and nuts. $18.50
11. Chicken Mushroom Chicken and mushroom cooked with mild creamy sauce. $18.90
12. Chicken Malabari Chicken cooked in mustard seeds cocunut cream curry leaves and a whole red chilli. $19.50
13. Chicken Potato Chicken cooked in curry sauce with potato. $18.50
14. Murgh Masala A combination of tomato, ginger and spices gives flavour and the Yoghurt enriches the sauce. $18.90
From the Shepperds Farm – Lamb
1. Rohan Josh Tender lamb cooked in kashmiri masala $19.50
2. Lamb Korma This mild dish is cooked slowly with cashew nuts $19.90
3. Lamb Vindaloo Lamb pieces (boneless) cooked in hot chilli spices. $19.90
4. Lamb Bhuna Gosht Boneless piece of lamb cooked with onion, ginger, green chillies and herbs. $19.90
5. Lamb Spinach Lamb pieces cooked with creamy spinach. $19.90
6. Narial ka Gosht Lamb pieces cooked with creamy coconut. $19.80
7. Lamb Madras Lamb cooked with a combination of hot spices and coconut. $19.80
8. Aloo Gosht This mild flavoured dish combines tender lamb with potatos. $19.80
9. Lamb Pasanda Lean pieces of lamb cooked in a rich creamy sauce and nuts. $19.90
9. Meat Korma Lamb mince balls cooked in traditional Kashmiri authentic sauce. $18.90
10. Seekh Kebab Masala Diced seekh kebab from clay oven cooked with onion, tomato and capsicum with masala sauce. $18.90
From the Meadows – Beef
1. Beef Curry Tender pieces of beef cooked with onion, tomato and fresh herbs. $18.50
2. Beef Pasanda Tender pieces of beef cooked with mild creamy sauce. $18.80
3. Beef Vindaloo Diced beef cooked with capsicum with hot eater vindaloo sauce $18.80
4. Beef Madras Diced beef cooked with coconut and spices $18.80
5. Beef Mushroom Mild beef preparation with mushroom and cream $18.80
5. Beef Rogani Beef cooked with capsicum, tomato and mushroom with Kashmiri Sauce. $18.80
From the Fisherman Net- Seafood
1. Goan Fish Curry Fillet of rockling cooked with coconut and tomato with medium Spicy. $19.90
2. Fish Masala Rockling fillet tossed with tomato, onion and capsicum cooked in masala sauce. $19.90
3. Fish Vindaloo Hot dish prepared with Vindaloo sauce. $19.90
4. Malai Prawn Prawn cooked with mild creamy sauce $21.30
5. Prawn Masala Prawn cooked with hot chilliesand spices $21.50
6. Prawn Mirch Masala Selected King prawn marinated in herbs and cooked with chillies, capsicum, tomato and onion. $21.50
1. Vegetable Korma Fresh seasonal vegetables cooked mild curry sauce. $15.90
2. Paneer Kofta A delicate preparation of cottage cheese, served in a mild curry. $15.80
3. Daal Makhani The black lentil delicacy incorporating fresh tomato and garlic finished with cream. $15.50
4. Palak Paneer Cottage cheese cubes cooked with fresh spinach puree and herbs $16.50
5. Mutter Paneer Cottage cheese cubes cooked with fresh garden peas and curry sauce. $16.50
6. Aloo Mutter Potatoes and green peas cooked with onion and tomato sauce. $15.50
7. Aloo Palak Potatoes cooked with fresh spinach puree and spices. $15.50
8. Eggplant and potato curry Chef’s special. $15.50
9. Pumpkin Masala Diced pumpkin tampered with spices then cooked with masala. $15.50
10. Pea and Mushroom Curry Fresh mushrooms and peas cooked with mild curry sauce $16.50
11. Aloo Gobi Cauliflower and potatoes cooked with tomatoes and onion sauce. $15.50
Tandoori Bread - (Served fresh from the tandoor)
1. Naan Plain flour bread. $3.60
2. Garlic Naan Plain flour bread infused with garlic flavour. $3.90
3. Masala Kulcha Bread stuffed with spiced potatoes and green peas $4.90
4. Cheese Naan Naan Stuffed with cheese. $5.20
5. Kashmiri Naan Naan filled with mix dried fruits. $4.90
6. Keema Naan Naan filled with spicy lamb mince. $5.20
7. Diced Chicken Naan Chicken tikka diced and stuffed in naan and cooked in tandoori Oven $5.20
8. Roti Layered flaky bread (wholemeal) $5.20
9. Paratha A flaky bread made by butter into an unleavened dough, by folding The dough and trapping butter between the layers (Plain Flour) $5.50
1. Saffron Rice Steamed saffron flavoured. Large $7.50
Small $5.50
2. Veg Pulao Mix veg cooked with rice $8.50
3. Kashmiri Pulao Rice cooked with nuts and fruits $8.50
4. Chicken Biryani (Sofiyani) The explosively flavourful combination of chicken and rice cooked together. $17.50
5. Lamb Biryani Rice cooked with spiced lamb. $18.50
1. Raita Yoghurt mix with carrot and cucumber. $5.50
2. Green Salad Fresh Garden Salad. $5.50
3. Kachumber Traditional tangy Indian Salad. $5.50
1. Gulab Jamun Gulab Jamun is an extremely popular Indian sweet made by soaking a fried ball of full cream milk in syrup. $6.50
2. Kulfi Young and old take great delight in this pistachio flavoured ice cream $6.50
3. Mangi Kulfi The creamy and rich ice-cream, made predominantly from saffron and mango. $6.50
4. Ice-Cream Choice of vanilla, pistachio, mango and chocolate. $5.00

Dinner- Tuesday - Sunday. : 5.30 pm—10.30 pm | Lunch - Friday Only: 12.00 pm—2.30 pm

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