Takeaway Menu

A Pleasant and elegant ambience coupled with the finest foods.

1. Chicken Tikka Boneless pieces of chicken marinated in yoghurt, herbs and spices. Cooked in Tandoor (7 Pieces) $13.20
2. Tangri Afghani Chicken drumsticks marinated in yoghurt and Afghani herbs cooked in Tandoor (half chicken) $11.60
3. Adraaki Chaamp Tender lamb chop marinated in tandoor masala overnight and cooked in Tandoor(4 pieces) $14.20
4. Malai Seekh Tender lamb mince with ginger, garlic and herbs rolled on a skewer and cooked in Tandoor. $11.60
5. Tandoori Chicken Tandoori chicken marinated in yoghurt and spices cooked in Tandoor (Half Chicken) $11.60
6. Tandoori Mushroom Marinated in ginger, garlic and spices cooked in Tandoor $13.00
7. Samosa (Spiced Potatoes & Green Peas in a homemade pastry) $2.60
8. Pakora Cauliflower, spinach, onion etc. dipped in basen flour and fried (2 pieces) $2.80
9. Masala Cashew Nut Rolls Chef’s special (1 piece) $2.50
Main courses (From Tandoor)
1. Tandoori Chicken Tender Chicken marinated in yoghurt and authentic Indian spices and cooked in Tandoor (Full Chicken) $19.50
2. Tandoori Platter A mix from the Tandoor $21.00
3. Chicken Tikka Boneless pieces of chicken marinated in special herbs and spices,cooked in the Tandoor (8 pieces) $14.50
4. Tangri Afghani Chef’s Tandoor special (8 pieces) $19.50
Main Courses Chicken (All curries can be served hot-med-mild chicken)
1. Butter Chicken Boneless pieces of chicken cooked in Tandoor then finished with Chef’s Special Sauce $15.00
2. Chicken Curry Boneless pieces of chicken cooked in a delicate curry sauce. $14.00
3. Kadhai Murg Boneless pieces of chicken cooked in Chef’s made hot sauce and fenugreek. $14.50
4. Chicken Shahi Korma Boneless pieces of chicken cooked in a very delicate sauce and finished with cream $14.50
5. Chicken Spinach Boneless chicken pieces cooked with spice and creamy sauce $14.50
6. Chicken Jalfrezi Chicken cooked with capsicum, mushroom and onion. $14.50
7. Chicken Tikka Masala Chicken tikka cooked with onion, capsicum and tomato in a thick gravy. $15.00
8. Mango Chicken Chef’s Special. $14.50
From the Shepperds Farm – Lamb
1. Lamb Rohan Josh Tender lamb cooked in traditional Kashmir masala, saffron and yoghurt. $15.50
2. Vindaloo Masala Ka Gosht A true hot chilli sauce from the East Coast, tender lamb cooked in vinegar and spices. $15.50
3. Lamb Spinach Tender pieces of lamb cooked with fresh creamed spinach and mild sauce. $15.80
4. Narial Ka Gosht Tender pieces of lamb cooked with coconut and spicy sauce. $15.50
5. Lamb Korma Tender lamb cubes cooked in a mild and creamy cashewnut sauce. $15.50
From the Meadows – Beef
1. Beef Curry Tender beef cooked in gravy with herbs and medium spices $14.00
2. Beef Vindaloo Tender pieces of beef cooked in hot chilli sauce and vinegar. $14.50
3. Beef Pasanda Tender pieces of beef cooked in a rich delicate sauce, finished with cream and coconut. $14.50
4. Beef Rogani Beef Cooked with capsicum, onion and tomato. $14.50
1. Goa Prawn Masala Prawns cooked with diced capsicum, onion and tomato in a spicy garavy $17.50
2. Malai Prawn Prawn cooked in mild sauce finished with coconut milk and cream. $17.50
3. Fish Curry Fillet of fish cooked in Chef’s made masala (Chef’s Special). $15.80
1. Malai Kofta Cottage cheese and potato balls stuffed with nuts and cooked in a mild curry sauce. $13.50
2. “Raspberry” Mutter Cottage cheese and peas cooked in a medium hotr sauce. $13.50
3. Palak Paneer Cottage cheese and fresh spinach cooked in special spice and herbs. $13.50
4. Egg Plant and Potato Curry Chef’s special. $13.50
5. Aloo Palak Potato cooked with spinach curry. $13.50
6. Vegetable Korma Mixed fresh vegetables cooked in a mild sauce and finished wih cream. $13.50
7. Dal Kabila Lentis soaked and cooked on a slow fire on Tandoor with special spices and herbs. $13.00
8. Aloo Gobhi Cauliflower and potatoes cooked with tomatoes and onion sauce. $13.00
9. Aloo Mutter Potatoes and green peas cooked with onion and tomato sauce. $13.00
10. Green Peas & Mushroom Curry Fresh mushrooms and peas cooked with mild curry sauce $14.00
11. Chef’s Special Raitas Yoghurt dip with tomato and cucumber. $4.50
12. Green Salad Seasonal. $4.50
13. Mint Chutney Yoghurt mixed with green chilli, fresh coriander, onion and mint puree $3.50
14. Papadum Roasted in Tandoor (4 pieces). $4.50
Bread from Tandoor
1. Naan Plain flour bread baked in Tandoor. $2.90
2. Garlic Naan Plain flour bread infused with garlic flavour. $3.20
3. Masala Kulcha Plain flour bread stuffed with medium hot spices, potatoes, peas and cooked in Tandoor. $4.00
4. Cheese Naan Naan Stuffed with cheese. $4.50
5. Kashmiri Naan Mixed dried fruit bread. $4.00
6. Keema Naan Plain Naan stuffed with lamb mince and spices. $4.50
1. Saffron Rice Steamed saffron flavoured. $4.50
2. Vegetable Pulo Mixed vegetables cooked with rice and saffron. $5.00
3. Kashmiri Pulao Rice cooked with mixed dried fruit. $5.00
4. Lamb Biryani Rice cooked with spiced lamb and saffron. $15.50
5. Sofyani Biryani Boneless chicken breast cooked in spices and herbs with saffron rice. $14.50
1. Gulab Jamun Cottage cheese ball deep fried, soaked in sugar syrup and served warm. $5.00
2. Kulfi Pista Special Indian Ice Cream. $5.50
3. Mango Icecream (HomeMade) Special Indian Ice cream. $5.50
1. Lassi Sweet, Salted, Plain or Mango $4.50
2. Mineral Water, Coke, Fanta $3.00

Dinner- Tuesday - Sunday. : 5.30 pm—10.30 pm | Lunch - Friday Only: 12.00 pm—2.30 pm

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